Norwegian, German, and English press. Here’s what they have to say about my new album ‘Birthmark’!

“Hanne Hukkelberg can obviously create exactly the pop music she wants. Most often, she chooses to take some detours around the easiest solutions, with very special songs as a result.”

- Geir Rakvaag in Dagsavisen Fremtiden

“Simple, yet effective, from a landscape of pop, soul and R&B, dressed in a sober and frugal sound”

- Charlotte Myrbråten in Klassekampen

“The finished product is Hanne’s most personal, but also most accessible and pop record all at once.”

- Ullruch Maurer in Gaesteliste

“Every Song contains a plethora of fragmented, splintered musical miniature worlds, which are in the lesser joined together, rather ensnarl and lock into each other.”

- Von Helmut Hein in Mittelbayerische

“Hanne Hukkelberg is next to Björk and Robyn as the currently most exciting Scandinavian artist”

- BR24

“Hanne Hukkelberg's Experimental Pop Takes a Personal Turn on 'Birthmark’”

- Chris Steffen in Allmusic

“An attractive feature of Hukkelberg’s work to me is that she can be experimental without losing the thread, by which I mean hanging onto a tune.”

- David Bentley in God is in the TV

Hanne Hukkelberg's Experimental Pop Takes a Personal Turn on 'Birthmark'

It's impossible to limit Norwegian musician Hanne Hukkelberg to any particular musical world; as a teenager she sang for the metal band Funeral, before graduating from a music academy in Oslo and embarking on a career that has touched on jazz, electronic, and pop music.

Hanne Hukkelberg